Minutes – Checklist

_________________________________ Association


Board of Directors Meeting




Proper notice having been made and received, the Board of Directors of ________________________ Association held a meeting at _____________________


on ______________________, 20_________.





Directors Present:


Directors Absent:


Owners Present:


Also present was _________________________________ from San Diego HOA Management.



Call to Order


With a quorum at hand, the meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order at _________ p.m. by _____________________________.



Approvel of Minutes


The Board of Directors reviewed the Minutes of their meeting held ______________________, 20_______, and upon motion made, seconded and passed, they were approved, and all actions ratified.



Financial Review



Report by San Diego HOA Management



Committee Reports



Old Business



New Business





All business being concluded and upon motion made, seconded and passed, the meeting was adjourned at ____________ p.m.


Prepared by: ___________________________________


Approved by: _____________________________________


San Diego HOA Management