Water Leaks - Clean, Gray, and Black Water

There are three categories of water:

Clean Water: This is drinkable water that comes from faucets and showers. Given that water lines providing clean water are under pressure, a small hole or breach can cause= substantial damage in a short period of time. Failure to remove water from a building and dry out the wall cavities can quickly lead to mold which is expensive to remediate.

Gray Water: This is water that comes from sinks, bathtubs, shower drains, and washing machines. Gray water usually contains soap and various contaminants including bacteria. Gray water contamination is usually the result of clogged drains. The items most likely to clog drains include, hair, rice, potato peels, and high fiber plant materials such as celery.

Black Water: This type of wastewater is referred to as sewage. It contains urine, fecal matter, toilet paper, and a high level of bacteria that can cause serious diseases. Black water contamination is usually caused by clogs.

Every type of water intrusion into a home is serious and should be responded to immediately in order to avoid property damage, mold, and possible disease.

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