Free Credit Repair

Most people can repair their own credit without the need of hiring a Credit Service Organization.

The key to repairing your credit is to understand the law and to follow the steps below:

  • Obtain your free credit reports from the three major credit reporting companies Experian, Equifax and Transunion by visiting the website,
  • Review each credit report and note any data that is negative and in error, or you believe may be in error. Generally, these are reported late payments, charge-offs, notices of default, and accounts closed by a creditor.
  • Write a letter to each of the three credit reporting companies explaining that specific errors exist, the items should be removed, and a corrected credit report be sent to you. The letters should be sent by regular and certified mail so that you have a dated proof of mailing.
  • Upon receipt of your letters, the credit reporting companies have thirty days to verify the accuracy of the reported data, or they must by law, remove the negative item(s). Thus, they must contact the creditor or the original creditor’s successor to obtain a response to their inquiries. Sometimes original creditors respond very quickly. Sometimes original creditors fail to pass on complete files making it impossible for a successor creditor to verify credit activity that occurred before they acquired the account.

Repairing your credit can result in an improved credit score which can save you thousands of dollars on a home or other large loan. Do not let creditors charge you higher interest because of errors on your credit reports. Remember, if the credit reporting agencies cannot obtain verification of a negative item, they must remove the item after thirty days.

In situations where your credit is severely damaged as the result of a recent foreclosure or bankruptcy, you should obtain a secured credit card. Using a secured credit card responsibly for six months or more, will improve your credit score. Many credit card companies offer secured credit cards. It is wise to compare terms which can be found on the internet.

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