Angle Stop Valves - Replacements

Angle stops, also known as angle stop valves are the shutoff valves found behind toilets and under both kitchen and bathroom sinks. Angle stop valves exist so that if a fixture is leaking or needs to be replaced, the water to the fixture can be shut off without the need to shut off the water to the entire unit or home.

What many people don't realize is that angle stop valves age and need replacing from time to time. If they are not replaced, they can become frozen so that opening and closing the valve becomes extremely difficult or impossible, often leading to a broken or leaking valve or pipe that causes a major flood.

Given that replacing angle stop valves is not expensive, it is highly recommended that they be replaced every 8 to 10 years. Compared to the cost of dealing with a flooded house, the cost is negligible. One broken angle stop valve can easily result in more than $100,000 of damage and can even result in the non-renewal of your homeowner's insurance policy.

Many condominium associations and apartment building owners make it a practice to replace all angle stop valves on a regular basis. Whether you own one unit or many, you should protect yourself from what can develop into a catastrophe.


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